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A 6-Week Life-Coaching Program For (Struggling) Artists
Are You...



Facing blocks in your creative process?


What Is Artist-Coaching?

Who Is The Program For?

Where Does The Coaching Take Place?

Why Do I Need It?

How (Much)?


The life of an artist is emotionally and creatively enriching, but many of us have to face daily stressors such as money, family and relationships, and it can be a struggle in maintaining equilibrium to give the best to our craft.  


These stressors can manifest as unfulfillment, a lack of self-worth, anger, or just feeling mentally and creatively blocked.


And while some of these negative emotions may have been access points to creativity in the past - it does not have to dominate our entire process.


You don't have to go through it alone.

As an artist coach, I am here to collaborate with you on how to get these oddly-shaped pieces of  life to fit together. We’ll look at what causes blocks (limiting beliefs), create strategies to circumvent them (action plans) and track your progress so you’ll be able to see your own growth. I'll also be available for you to contact at any time in case you get stuck.

WHAT Is Artist Coaching?

Whether you're an arts student, creative professional, dancer, actor, sculptor, architect, musician; if you consider yourself an artist(in-the-making) of any kind, I am here to help improve your access to your own creativity, keep you motivated, and unravel the knots you put forth in our sessions.

WHO Is The Program For?

Wherever is convenient for you! Meetings can be scheduled at your convenience, so you can sit on a beach and chat, or in your own living room with your kids watching TV. If we happen to be in the same country at the same time, we can even meet face-to-face.

WHERE Does The Coaching Take Place?


Many artists go through life living in the moment, focused on our creations, and may not notice the unseen factors that drive our process, leading us to sometimes burn the candle at both ends.


As the desire to create art is a matrix of internal and external factors, we channel these into our respective mediums.


Your awareness of your form and what drives you can be a double-edged sword. How do we know what needs to be done to lead both a creatively fulfilling life, as well as a healthy one - whatever that may be to you.


Artist coaching takes active, practical steps towards maintaining your individual well-being, so you can continue creating the art that vibrates most vigorously in your community.

WHY Do I Need It?


HOW (Much)?

An introductory session will be provided free-of-charge. This is just to get to know you, where you feel you need help and identify what you might need moving forward. Here we will discuss the proposed program, highlight any concerns you may have, and make adjustments before we settle on a concrete plan.You can then make a decision then about whether or not to commit to the full program. 


Coaching sessions can be conducted in English, Mandarin, Japanese or Bahasa Indonesia. Please let me know if you will require a translator and the necessary arrangements will be made within the 5ToMidnight network to accommodate you. You will not be required to pay for translation, the costs will be borne by the company.

Concessions on pricing are available for students and if you are in need of financial help. Likewise, adjustments will be made according to the economic status of your country, particularly if you reside in a developing nation. 


Individual sessions are charged at $100 USD per 1-hour session. 


**Due to to Covid-19 pandemic, I understand many of us have suffered from financial setbacks. Sessions will therefore be offered at $60 USD per hour, with further reductions for students or if you are in a developing country and/or in need of financial aid.



Joining this program really helped me overcome my anger issues and own how I develop myself my time during crisis. I was between jobs since I was lost my job last March and I was worrying a lot how to survive in this time. This coaching and meditation program helped me manage my emotions, create a new state of being, and relax when I was really worrying about something. Also I rediscovered my love for nature and mountain. Thank you Ethan Chia for guiding me in this life coaching and meditation program.

—  Nicolaus, Indonesia


Meet Your Coach

Ethan Kobayashi-Hsieh is the Artistic Director of 5ToMidnight International.


Working intersection between actor training, 4(+2)E cognitive science and post-Jungian psychoanalysis, he has developed The Integrative Approach and Methodology of Active Transformation (TIAMAT) through practice-as-research with the company, conducting workshops in five countries around the world.


Ethan attended the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts  for a MA in Professional Practice: Theatre and Drama Facilitation and will be continuing the research of TIAMAT as an ecology of practices for wisdom cultivation for his Ph.D. He is a Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Bodywork Healer with coaching clients in China, Thailand, and Australia.

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