Training, Mentoring or Coaching?

At 5ToMidnight, we employ the theory and practice of TIAMAT across a range of services for companies, institutions, communities and individuals to promote well-being and wisdom cultivation. This can be done in part or in whole, centered around the core competencies that make up TIAMAT's ecology: Metacognition, Interoception, Active Imagination and Transjective Rationality. If you are interested in connecting with us in a professional capacity, here are some ways you can get involved with us:


Meet Your Coach

Ethan Kobayashi-Hsieh is the Artistic Director of 5ToMidnight International.


Working in the intersection between actor training, 4(+2)E cognitive science and post-Jungian psychoanalysis, he has developed The Integrative Approach and Methodology of Active Transformation (TIAMAT) through practice-as-research with the company, conducting workshops in five countries around the world.


Ethan attended the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts  for a MA in Professional Practice: Theatre and Drama Facilitation and will be continuing the research of TIAMAT as an ecology of practices for wisdom cultivation for his Ph.D. He is a Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Bodywork Healer with coaching clients in China, Thailand, and Australia.


Joining this program really helped me overcome my anger issues and own how I develop myself my time during crisis. I was between jobs since I was lost my job last March and I was worrying a lot how to survive in this time. This coaching and meditation program helped me manage my emotions, create a new state of being, and relax when I was really worrying about something. Also I rediscovered my love for nature and mountain. Thank you Ethan for guiding me in this life coaching and meditation program.

—  Nicolaus, Indonesia

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