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"ថ្មថ្មថ្មថ្មថ្មថ្ម" aka. Six Stone, is an art space founded by a group of young people; managed by an in-house team of cultural nomads and 5ToMidnight Taiwan manager Sun Voung. The main goal being to facilitate cultural exchanges and community development, encouraging peace and love in a world devoid of labels. To find a diverse space that puts experience at the forefront in the capitalist urban city-scape is at once a settlement and lifestyle.

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Space Rental

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Large, Flexible Space

Rehearsal, performance, screenings, filmmaking, large-scale gatherings

Six Stone Art Space hopes to maintain the original appearance of the site through reorganization rather than renovation, in dialogue with the space, to cement the space itself an important element of culture.

We keep the traces time has left on the building, and avoid using immovable hardware and equipment. Therefore, our equipment, including lamps, curtains, furniture, and bamboo poles, can all be rearranged.

Anyone who rents the venue will become a part of this venue and we look forward to the sparks between people and this space.


Meetings, Rehearsal

Lecture, Screening, Filming

Max. Capacity                     Rate

   10pax 150/hr            Min 4 Hrs

Teaching space

Max. Capacity                      Rate

5pax 150/h                   Monthly

Min 4 Hrs

Max. Capacity                     Rate

   30pax 250/hr          Min 4 Hrs

Co-Working Studio

Max. Capacity                             Rate

 1pax 1500/mth                On Enquiry

Max. Capacity                     Rate

30pax 250/hr                     TBD


Max. Capacity                       Rate

On Enquiry


By consultation.

Technical Specifications:

Detailed Rates to be discussed as per requirements.

Gallery Tracks x8, Gallery Lights x12

Projection and Video: 4K Projector, Speakers
Pantry: Microwave Oven, Induction Cooker, Boiler
Others: Prop rental and furniture to be discussed

Cats (x4) and Dogs (x1): To be negotiated per individual entity
In-house team to assist free-of-charge on monthly basis
Books and DVDs free for loan
(Sofas and bamboo seats in the lobby, cushions and soft mat floor in basement.  Conference tables and chairs to be coordinated)

Rental time:

24h (advance booking) Rental time must include entry and exit

Other projects:

(Expenses are discussed in detail according to needs)

Refreshments: hand-brew coffee, drinks, meals

Manpower: front-of-house, documentation, sound operation, lighting operation, marketing, graphic design, manpower, other lighting and audio equipment

Please contact us with specific needs and concerns

Nothing from theatre, video, music, literature to coffee-making and painting is too hard for us to handle.

Feel free to discuss collaborations and partnerships! We look forward to welcoming you to the family.




Counter-Culture Writer

Canadian-born Vietnamese, Chinese with Taiwanese blood and different shades of yellow. Born in 1991, Scorpio, messenger, leftist. Currently living in Fuzhou, New Taipei City, in poverty; graduated from the Taipei National University of the Arts film department performance track, Guandu. One of the founding members of the international theatre company 5ToMidnight.


Fake Plastic Flowers is his first work, short stories as a product of researching a new storytelling language, not married to a genre, but fond of science fiction. Loves to talk, to observe, be observed. Writing aside, also a performing artist and musician slithering in the underground theatre and music scene.

But overall, a sub-par human being.

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Wang Pin Chiao


Wang Pin Chiao, born in 1996, graduated from the Department of Film Studies at National Taiwan University of the Arts. In 2015, she won the silver award in the first LEXUS Emerging Film Festival for her short film "Home's Answer".


I love film. After graduating from the film department, I learned to take filmmaking on as an exploration and a practice. I hope to better know myself through my creative process and  to connect with people through storytelling.

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Hsieh Meng Ting

Musician/Performer/Folk Guitar and Singing Instructor/Hand-Brew Barista

"One who lies will never fall, but still suffer insomnia."

The lead singer and folk guitarist of the band Maffine has published many recordings, wrote some theme songs for events, and performed in many music festivals and performance spaces in Taiwan. 

When I am alone, I write through insomnia, till dawn, and through dawn, wasting a lot of paper.

Current vices include: ramen steak sashimi, takoyaki etc.

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What is to be left behind upon passing? What?

Unplugged "Space" - Hsieh Meng Ting

Rusty Steel Brush

Regular Events

Our regular series of events which happen every month...ish. Although sometimes things that occur only once a year are just as beautiful.

South Park Salon.jpg

Southern Salon 

As the name suggests, refers to the renown animation South Park. The salon is a discussion; a discussion about South Park is a Southern Salon.

Trailer Park Party.jpg

Trailer Park Party
Trailer Park is a Canadian series released on April 22, 2001: Trailer Park Boys. A party of relaxation, drinking, and laughter.

Bros On High.png

Bros On High

Bros On High is a comedy duo borne in a 21st Century attic; it is composed of the writer "Sun Voung" and conspiracy theorist "David Chang". The funny-not-funny duo fell from the clouds into society and decided to share their observations from on high.

Sibling Chill Talk.jpg

Khmer Siblings
A meeting of "Fake Plastic Flowers" writer Sun Voung and emerging director Wang PinChiao; exchanging insights into art, with a smattering of sibling bickering. An artist talk that combines three contemporary social behaviors: film, music, and just talk.


Private screenings are a kind of utopia on the fringes of a frame, like a tramp, a wild animal hiding in a roadside alley, or a weed on a mountain. If you seek, you will find. Sometimes, you are not even that interested, but would just like to enjoy the atmosphere.

Unplugged Space Series.png

Unplugged "Space"
The reverberation of the space, the state of the performers, the changes in light and images, and perhaps the temperature, humidity, smell of the day, and the people who showed up that day. The threshold of reality is not just music.

Time Expedition.jpg

Adventure Time
At least one night a month, mobile games, computer games, online games, table games... We provide games, fellow adventurers, and occasionally create some new games of our own.

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6, Minxiang Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 235

+886 912 102 663

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