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To create a culturally inclusive artistic environment, promoting diversity of thought and culture.

To allow the arts to exist as a social service to a global society.

To offer cultural mobility as a means of intercultural exchange.

To encourage a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience.

To broaden perspectives on society through international collaboration.

Intercultural training for actors.


5ToMidnight International is an arts organization stretching across Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan. We aim to create platforms and opportunities to foster intercultural exchange and increase the cultural mobility of artists across a wide range of disciplines and experience. 


 We provide services to bolster the growth of arts and culture through community programs, artist-services, residency programs and performance training and making. 

Residencies where we visit art spaces focus primarily on how to rally the neighboring community around an space, generating appreciation for the arts through inclusive cultural programming. 


Residencies held at our arts space in Taipei aim to encourage artists to gain a clarity of their own processes through self-direction, exposure to new experiences and critical discussion without the expectations of a result.

Our programs center around performance-making through mindfulness-based physical and mental practices. Workshops have been held across five countries since the company's inception in 2016. The company is continually expanding its services to innovate techniques which support each artist's individual well-being and creativity.

If you are interested in participating or developing programs with us, please contact us below.

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