To create a culturally inclusive artistic environment, promoting diversity of thought and culture.

To allow the arts to exist as a social service to a global society.

To offer cultural mobility as a means of intercultural exchange.

To encourage a symbiotic relationship between artist and audience.

To broaden perspectives on society through international collaboration.

5ToMidnight is an international performing arts organization stretching across Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan. We aim to create platforms and opportunities to foster intercultural exchange and increase the cultural mobility of artists across a wide range of disciplines and experience. 


The organization is made up of one touring company and ground-based local companies. 


The international touring production company creates and tours original interdisciplinary work across an international festival circuit. Training under Artistic Director Ethan Chia’s own developed intercultural methodology of actor-training, the team conducts workshops across countries, participates in residency programs and creates new work to add to the repertoire of touring shows.


The ground-based companies comprise of locally-based artists in each of 5ToMidnight’s member countries, hosting cultural mobility programs and community-led activities to increase the accessibility of art. Working in a non-hierarchical system, each team creates and spearheads the execution of programs that fill cultural gaps of a particular society. These programs include, but are not limited to, public artist dialogues, hosting international companies on tour, long-term training programs with visiting practitioners and artist-in-residence programs.


Both teams work closely together to afford opportunities for artists to meet each other and communities, share diverse practices and exchange cultural experience and history.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us below, or send an email to tamaki@5ToMidnight.org

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