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Paul Pitsaras:
On Life Coaching and Stress

Managing Director,
The Open Mind Institute

What does the future of stress management look like and what role do life coaches (if any) have to play?


Aiden Condron:
On Actor-Training

Director and Lead Tutor,
Living Acting Studio

What is actor-training? What are we training for? 


Mogali Masuku: The Actor Under Threat

Actor/ Dancer/ Writer/
Company Member

Royal Shakespeare Company

How do we keep artists safe in training?


On Mind X Body


How do we develop a health mind x body connection? How does it affect our seeking for wellbeing?


Luyanda Unati Lewis Nyawo:
The Actor Life

Actor / VO Artist
Three Black Halflings

What is the life of a working actor outside what we see and think we know?

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