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A 21-Day Meditation Program For Self-Transcendence.


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What is "Make Time?"

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Make Time is a 21-Day Meditation Program jointly-offered by 5ToMidnight International and The Open Mind Institute. The program is built on the study and experience of evidence-based meditation techniques, broken down into its core techniques to allow participants to craft their own meditation practice by the end of the program. As each of us live in vastly different circumstances, what we need from a meditative practice to get us through the day is equally diverse. Whether you’re an athlete, a parent, a financial advisor or an artist, you will be able to gain the level of self-awareness required and tools necessary to develop a healthy relationship with yourself and craft a daily practice to suit your needs, day after day.

  • 1.

    A practice-based system to identify different forms of meditation and explain why that particular approach is beneficial for you.

  • 2.

    Increase self-awareness and mindfulness towards patterns of thought and behavior.

  • 3.

    Become familiar with causes, both personal and environmental, which spiral into negative thoughts and behaviors.

  • 4.

    Manage responses to daily life circumstances and gain insight into how those can be altered to better relationships, improve productivity, stabilize moods and gain broader perspectives.

The Coaches

Paul Pitsaras

TOMI is a mental wellbeing, mindset and performance training service provider, delivering events, coaching and workplace solutions to businesses, individuals and learning institutions.

Before TOMI, Paul was a litigation lawyer for 10 years and worked in various leading law firms and departmental organizations in London, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Paul has a double bachelor degree in Law and International Business, certificates in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Training and Assessment and studied Behavioral Science before going into law.

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Ethan Chia

Before founding 5ToMidnight, Ethan attended the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for a BA(Hons) in Acting for Collaborative and Devised Theatre. Following which, he developed a psychophysical method of actor-training through practiced-based research with the company, conducting workshops in five countries around the world.

He is a certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and massage therapist and is regularly invited to give public talks in Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia on the role of mindfulness in actor-training. He is also a Program Consultant with The Open Mind Institute in Brisbane, Australia.

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