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Course Offerings

We've developed six courses in TIAMAT delivered across both live and online mediums. Each course integrates practices in two of the core cognitive mechanics: Metacognition, Somatic Awareness, Transjective Rationality and Active Imagination. Across 12-weeks, you'll be facilitated from introductory steps through to fluency by layering practices. We strongly recommend signing up with a friend/partner/family member you are in constant contact with to encourage continuity and ease of practice.

Every course is priced at a standard rate of 1000USD/pax with concessions given to students.


Due to the nature of the content, every weekly lesson will be facilitated in real-time, for a maximum of 6 people per intake.



イーサンチア。5ToMidnight International芸術監督。

5ToMidnight International:台湾、日本、インドネシアの3つのアジア諸国で設立された、コミュニティプログラム、アーティストに向けたサービス、滞在制作サポート、パフォーマンスの創造、アーティストトレーニングを通じて、芸術と文化の成長を促進するサービスを提供している芸術団体。





正式に認定を受けたライフコーチ、マインドフルネスプラクティショナー、マッサージセラピストであり、俳優トレーニングにおけるマインドフルネスの役割についてのコーチングのため、定期的に台湾、日本、インドネシアに訪問している。また、オーストラリアのブリスベンにあるOpen Mind Instituteのプログラムコンサルタントでもある。

We also collaborate with you to tailor programs across different contexts. Whether you are in business, the arts or an institution, please reach out to find out how we can bring TIAMAT-based programming to your community!

Corporate Training

We'll design a 6 to 12-week bespoke program for your company.


Let's share a space, train and/or make some art together

Individual Coaching

Receive private TIAMAT training for yourself or with friends.

School Programs

We provide TIAMAT training for your performing arts students.

TIAMAT Workshops

We will work with you to organize a workshop in your city.

Drop-in Events

Watch our News page for event announcements live and online!

For collaborations on any of our programs, please contact us below.

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