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Common Ground

A Self-Directed Artist Residency For Research, Practice and Experimentation

I want to apply for a residency!


We believe intercultural experience is intercultural training.

I don't

have an

idea or


We don't ask for one. To know that you don't know is the best place for gaining new experience. This is time for you to be self-directed, spontaneous and to be open to collaborate on new ideas (if they pop up.)

Will I have help


Definitely! You will live with our entire team in the center. They will be happy to explore and experiment with you during your stay. If you don't need it, they'll probably play some board games with you, or go to the beach. If there's time...

How long do I have to stay?


That's up to you. We don't have a minimum length of stay, but we recommend at least 2 weeks. Fees are charged per month, so 4 weeks is the best to get the most time out of it.

Do I have to be a certain "type" of artist?


Nope! We are more interested in supporting what you want to do. We won't label you, so don't label yourself. Want to build your first installation? We'll light it. Want to try choreographing? We'll dance together. Want quiet time to write? We'll leave you alone. (Half the team are introverts, so we understand.)

Artwork by Kobayashi Tamaki

What is the long-term plan?


We want to create a support network for local and international artists to facilitate each others' growth, and resultant projects and processes.

So once you're here, we'll invite you to a group of previous residents. That way, you can stay in contact with the team long after you leave. 

That way, if we ever travel to your country, you'll be the first to know and we can work together again!

So what are my chances and how much will it cost?


Common Ground is not a competitive residency.

You want it, you got it.

We will contact you individually to organize your stay.

Applicants are charged a residency fee of around 400USD (based on the average living cost in your country) per person per month with subsidies available for self-funded artists. If you have financial difficulties, please contact us to work something out.


The residency fees include:

  1. Artist Accommodation (The biggest room in the house.)

  2. Local Travel (We have a car.)

  3. Work Space (Wherever you want to use in Six Stone.)

  4. Internet (We leave it on.)

  5. Dramaturgical Support (If you want an opinion.)

  6. PR and Marketing (If you want to show it to the public.)

  7. Documentation (So you've got something to take home.)

  8. Technical Support (Where possible.)

Applicants will be responsible for all other costs including food, flights, insurance, and art materials.

Apply Now

Thanks for applying! We'll be in touch.

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