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We have a new website!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Well, not new, exactly. The existing has been given a (pretty much) complete overhaul! We've added new pages to more accurately reflect the current programming slate, reworked the Archive page so you can see all the videos of our work and we have added language options as well to better cater to our friends from overseas. For a complete list of changes please view the patch notes below.

Patch notes 14/9/2020:

Coaching Page added: We are now offering an Artist Coaching service called Even More You. This 6-week program will be available online as well as in-person in four languages: English, Mandarin, Bahasa and Japanese. Free Consultation Sessions are available for booking, so please view the Coaching page for more info, or click the link below!

Archive Rework:

The old archive felt a bit dated and a lot has happened since then. We decided to move away from the spam of pictures in favor of something more interactive. The archive now displays an entire timeline of the company's activities since its inception in Oct 2016. Green nodes will display pictures, and red nodes display videos. Take your time to browse our history and we'll be adding more nodes to the Archive Spine as time goes on. You can find this in the link below.

Art Space page added:

A year on from when it was built, Six Stone Arts Space, our first independent arts center has grown in activity and programming. We have thus created a page with all of its available information including space specifications, collaborators, regular events and so on. You can find all the information on the Art Space page, or click the link below:

Common Ground Residency page added:

Our International Artist Residency Program now has its own page. You'll find all the information for it as well as an application section. We understand that with the pandemic, people and places are locked down, but depending on where you are and your country's relationship with Taiwan, we might be able to see you! If not, we're still taking bookings so that you can contact us and arrange your spot in Six Stone once you're free to fly.

Home Page reworked:

It used to be a plain old gallery and a couple of buzzwords. No more! The Home page is now a blog with key announcements, a tab for thoughts and musings from the team and open calls we might be running. We've got some plans in store for the coming weeks, which we will not reveal just yet. But when we do, those will be up here as well!

Language options:

Coaching page is now available in English and Japanese. The Mandarin and Bahasa versions are readable (supposedly), but going through minor edits. As time goes on, more pages will be fully translated to cater to our international network. Those edits will be announced here as well. Thank you for your patience!

*Japanese version of Common Ground and Coaching pages are ready to go. Six Stone page is swiftly on the way.

Upcoming changes:

You'll notice there are two items listed as (Coming Soon!) on the Program Page. As we are hashing out some details, those will be revealed in due time. We can't wait to share those with you, so watch this space!

Language optimization.

Something special will be happening next month, details will be announced shortly. It will involve you, so join our mailing list and drop your two cents! You'll know what we mean when the time comes.

As we all know, the world is in a place of uncertainty now. We urge everyone to be responsible for your health and the safety of those around you. Please take the necessary precautions to protect your family, particularly those who are more vulnerable to Covid-19. We wish you all peace, good health and deep growth for years.

Stay safe!

Till the next update,

5ToMidnight International

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