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In Conversation on Voices With Vervaeke

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

After almost a year of following his work, and hours spent watching his seminal series Awakening From The Meaning Crisis, Tamaki and I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking with John Vervaeke about TIAMAT. We were all amazed at how much consilience there was between the practices we had found and the practices John had engaged in at Rafe Kelley's Return to the Source program.

We discussed the underlying mechanics of some of the exercises and John offered his generous insight into the cognitive science of TIAMAT. It has inspired us both to take a deeper look at our own practice and how we can exapt it into our everyday life. We are looking forward to having more conversations that are just as illuminating, if not more so, than this one. Thank you John, for giving us your time and wisdom.

Hope you all enjoy the conversation.



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