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Find some Common Ground

When we were first thinking about opening Six Stone Arts Space, we rallied around the idea that it needed to be international. We wanted to build it around a program that was inclusive, diverse, explorational, low-pressure so that artists could have some downtime to just absorb and experiment. We imagined a place where artists and visitors alike could come and hear four languages being spoken at the same time in the same room. Where there were no presentations or formal Q&As, but instead had a hearty "Hey, I found something cool, can you guys come check it out?"

This became Common Ground.

We created a low-cost, non-competitive artist residency where you could spend as much time as you wanted having conversations with fellow artists who were also your housemates. Where you could grab the projector off the shelf and go downstairs to try your hand at that mapping software you heard about and have friends dance in it. Where you could stay in your room all day and write that song you always wanted, and then play it for people.

Art was never meant to be competitive. Rather, it's a rewarding process of deepening the understanding of the self, in relation to the world. And given our current time, living in convenience, this is this best time to turn inward and just play.

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